“Auntie Ada” showcases high-tech animation and stem subjects to girls

Designing Smarter Technologies

Motion.Lab will share the high-tech future of animation with creative industries at the national screen industry event, SCREEN FOREVER.

The team at Deakin Motion.Lab have used the latest in screen capture technology to create their own animated children’s production, ‘The Adventures of Auntie Ada’. The series will showcase the lab’s research-backed technological advancements to the creative sector at SCREEN FOREVER, which will be held in Melbourne, November 20-22.

As part of SCREEN FOREVER’s Innovation Hub, the series will demonstrate Motion.Lab’s virtual production Alchemy Pipeline by cutting live sequences from the show. ‘The Adventures of Auntie Ada’ is aimed at children, particularly girls, aged 6-9.

The Alchemy Pipeline allows animated sequences to be developed in a matter of minutes. It includes full-body motion capture, real-time facial capture, real-time visualisations, real-time visual effects and virtual cameras.

Motion.Lab leader Dr Jordan Beth Vincent said she was thrilled with the opportunity.

“We are bringing intuitive, real-time integrated performance capture to film and television productions with the Alchemy Pipeline.”
Dr Jordan Beth Vincent
Dr Jordan Beth Vincent Motion.Lab leader

“Our goal was always to create a cartoon in a day. This way of working allows for the rapid and collaborative creation of content. For example, real-time facial capture gives us a clear understanding of how the characters will react and interact, which is crucial for the storytelling,” Dr Vincent said.

“By replicating some of the workflows and tools of live action film-making and even theatre production, we are able to create a collaborative film production ecosystem.”

“We will be cutting together sequences from ‘Auntie Ada’ live for the audience at SCREEN FOREVER, to show the opportunities for using virtual production techniques to create animated content very quickly, without sacrificing creativity or storytelling.”

“Auntie Ada” is focused on encouraging girls into science, technology, engineering and maths subjects in a fun way – celebrating discovery, adventure and learning.

Currently in production, the program will consist of 26 seven-minute episodes. With the help of her Auntie Ada, young Aly makes discoveries about STEM topics. Her aunt takes her inside technical devices like mobile phones, car engines and computers, and helps her to learn about concepts like gravity.


The Adventures of Auntie Ada Teaser Trailer from Deakin Motion.Lab on Vimeo.


Published by Deakin Research on 20 November 2018