Research that makes a difference

“At Deakin Research – Commercial, we are the trusted and responsive conduit between industry and research. Our focus is on the translation of world-class research to real business and community problems and opportunities in innovative ways.”

Large Enterprises – Domestic and Global

We know and understand the structural overheads in large organisations as they seek to engage in cutting edge research. This includes the planning and reporting cycle, short timeframes, and risk averse cultures. To alleviate this pressure, we will look to engage across all layers of an organisation from executive decision makers to engineers and researchers. It is well know that it is hard for large companies with fluid workforces to work closely with universities beyond single projects.

At Deakin our model is to understand an organisation and, in partnership with the academics and Deakin Advancement, build long-term partnerships across a range of projects and over many years. We fully understand that the operating cadence of business and academia can vary greatly so we ensure that projects are scoped with the timing and expectations of our partners from the very beginning and are all tied back to specific business problems.

Small Enterprises

Small business generally looks for a very different level of support from university research. At Deakin we understand this and ensure that the scope and cost of research is appropriate to the smaller business. This is through close engagement with business owners, a deep understanding of the broader context, such as geography and economy, and a recognition that Deakin’s world leadership can allow a small business to leapfrog its competition.

We also have a strong reputation for supporting regional businesses around the University’s Geelong campus through research support, student internships and introductions to potential customers.


Deakin University offers opportunities for investors of all sizes. We have a pipeline of new businesses requiring support from angel investors all the way to pre-IPO.

At Deakin Research – Commercial we are able to understand your expectations as an investor and ensure that the opportunities and investments you make are beneficial to all parties. We also manage IP protection and licensing and for many businesses have the opportunities to host the business on-campus.

Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Deakin University has the scale and expertise to help turn your ideas into commercial reality. We can help with prototyping, developing advance manufacturing techniques and building the intelligent systems to support your business. We can then help with the final step to full commercialisation and the challenges around scaling your business and attracting capital.